Kick up for Justice NYC

A dance ride protest in support of women’s and worker rights.

With the glaring intolerance of the incoming Trump administration, we in NYC (and EVERYWHERE!) support women’s rights, workers’ rights, immigrants’ rights, and civil rights for all. We advocate and celebrate women of all color, people from all nations, workers of all types, and the inalienable rights to clean waters and a protected environment.

Inspired by the Radio City Rockettes, many of whom decided to not perform for the misogynist Trump at the upcoming presidential inauguration, we kick in defiance and strength against injustices.

We will cheerfully and continually confront a system that that disregards civil liberties; that’s threatening deportation and inspiring bigotry, racism, and sexism.

We stand together in support of women, queers, workers, immigrants to have the full protection of democracy, and the planet to have a clean water and clear skies.

We dance hard to remind our citizens that democracy depends on WE the people – that alternative leadership is possible – and that is up to us to continually voice this to our elected officials and fellow citizens.

In the spirit of the stonewall girls who wore their hair in curls and danced in a kickline in defiance of social mores, the cockettes who revolted against practicing, we are Blockettes who block the Trump administration, and we are for and from the block, the hood.

We are ADVOCATTES who speak out for justice and fun.

We are DEMOCRETTES who love democracy for all.

We are NYC SPROCKETTES who love and live bicycles for clean transportation and community.

We are LOCKETTES who lock down in direct action to defend against corporate environmental destruction.

We are XXXOCKETTES who we fight the prudes.

And the JAQUETTES, who defend liberty, equality, fraternity.

In this spirit, we visited places all over New York to share our support: the ACLU, Times Square, Planned Parenthood, Callen Lorde, and the Immigration Customs Enforcement to blockette out injustice!

We ended the day at Radio City to support the women of the Rockettes who have, in an affront to the blatant misogyny of Donald Trump, put their jobs on the line in their decision to boycott performing at the inauguration. STAY STRONG.


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